André, Dries and Kees Vahl are responsible for daily management at Tuinderij Vahl. Three experienced entrepreneurs who have worked for the family business from a very early age and have fully mastered all of the skills required for successful large-scale greenhouse production. The company is characterised by a flat organisation structure with short lines of communication. Consequently, André, Dries and Kees each have their own tasks and responsibilities.

Division of tasks

The division of tasks at Tuinderij Vahl is as follows:

André (centre photo)

Responsible for production process management and product sales. André is also the designated contact for Oxin Growers, the growers’ association of which the company is a member.

Dries (right-hand photo)

Responsible for processing the harvest and all logistics matters. In addition, Dries is responsible for registration relating to the company’s certification.

Kees (left-hand photo)

Responsible for planning and staff management. Kees is also responsible for the company accounts.