Products are marketed via Oxin Growers, a cooperative growers’ association. The association consists of approximately 180 companies, which together are capable of delivering the total range of vegetables and fruit cultivated in the Netherlands. Oxin Growers represents its member’s best interests and strives to achieve the best possible sales volumes for each of the affiliated growers. The association coordinates the selling process and, among other things, agrees terms and conditions of delivery and pricing with the purchaser(s).

AardwarmtelogoUnique product

By growing our products using geothermal energy, we offer a unique product for people who find preserving the environment and sustainability to be important. To support this choice, our geothermally produced cucumbers are sold with a distinctive geothermal energy logo on the box.


Regional customers

We increasingly deliver products to regional purchasers and specialist stores. Our customers know that they can count on us for timely delivery and a flexible response.