luchtfotoOur commercial greenhouse vegetable production facility covers an area of 10,1 hectares and has been based in the ‘Koekoekspolder’ growing area in IJsselmuiden for more than 60 years. Our company is unusual in that we heat the greenhouses where we produce our cucumbers and tomatoes with sustainable geothermal energy. This policy has reduced our consumption of natural gas by 80% and also significantly improved our CO2 emissions.


Authentically green cucumbers

We produce cucumbers and tomatoes for the Dutch and European market. Our products are marketed by a cooperative growers’ association called Oxin Growers. We increasingly deliver to regional customers as well. That is beneficial for the environment because relatively little transportation is required. Our customers attach great importance to corporate social responsibility and consciously choose to purchase a sustainably grown product. To support this choice, our geothermally produced cucumbers are sold with a distinctive geothermal energy logo on the box.

In our production facility, we employ 11 fulltime members of staff and a large number of part-time employees and students from towns and villages in the region. During the high season, employees from other parts of the European Union are also active at our company. We invest continuously in equipment in order to make the work as pleasant and physically stress-free as possible for our employees.